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March, 06' | DC101
Elliot in the Morning!
  Carbecue had the honor of grilling for the "Elliot-in-the-morning-show" on Thursday March 9, 2006 and, of course, took care of the whole crew! We simply rolled up to the front of the building and had a great time.
  Would like to say thanks to Elliot, his Crew, and DC101 for having us and hope to do it again sometime. Would also like to thank everyone else who came out to party with us.
We at Carbecue™ would like to thank the staff and students of..
"Holton-Arms School"
..for making their recent celebration a Carbecue™ Event!
   Saturday April 21, 2007 Carbecue™ catered a very special event for the Holton-Arms School in Maryland. The turn-out was around 500 guests and was a good time had by all. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. This was are largest party we've done so far and we used the Red and Blue Cars for this one. We are happy to say that the guests moved through the lines just as Quickly as any of our smaller events.
New for Spring '08 Carbecue in Yellow!!!
  We've always had Carbecue in Red. This is what jump started our incredible catering service and what we're known for. In spring of 2006 there was Carbecue in Blue! Still the same exciting look and service.
  Coming soon, we will have Carbecue Yellow! Now we can cater to even larger parties and events so everyone can experience Carbecue!
Things You Should Know!!!
    This page is totally reserved for recent and upcoming public events to keep our fans informed on our activities. Important information, schedules, exciting news, and other related info will be posted here. We will never mention or share any information or photos on your private event without your expressed permission.
    On the other hand, if you would like, we will gladly show your event photos on our site to share with friends and family at no cost. Your privacy will always be expected and respected by us at Carbecue!

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